C4D Materials: MatPack

MatPack. 24 simple standard C4D shaders that I’ve used in medical animation. Download 2mb (Materials Only)   Old works – Circa 2004 That use these shaders.

VRay Material ‘Old Pipe’ + ‘Rough Metal’

‘Old Pipe’. Responsive in a variety of different lighting situations. Download Scene 33mb (Included scene and HDR) Example usage . ‘Rough Metal’ Download Scene 36mb (Included material only – use scene above to preview)

VRay Material: ‘Sculpting Wood’

4k Map with Normal included. Ideal for close ups and small objects. Not tillable. Not suitable for flooring. Download Scene 70mb (Included scene and HDR) Example

Fog Diffuse Stages

Various lighting stage setups, where light is diffused through fog to create illumination. The result is a softer lighting setup that works well for studio shots. Used in the following scenes (FogStage.c4d) Download (.5mb)

Volumetric Skies for VRay (12 scenes)

12 free volumetric cloud scenes. Production friendly – Fast renders. Varying scales produce vastly different results. Instructions in file.   Download  (R14 and up)   Used here  

IntroducingVray (PDF Guide)

This is the old version of IntroducingVRay. 90% of the information in here is still relevant, however there have been some major changes to VRay since this was written and those will be addressed in Version 2. PDF Download Scenes Download

Welcome back

Over the next few months, I’ll be adding some exciting new content to TheC4DVault, including an update to very popular ‘IntroducingVray’. Keep an eye on the site for new training resources, free scenes, shaders, a new plugin and video tutorials based on my techniques. Until then. Enjoy this ugly version of the site and the…